Youth of Dissent by 1000mods

Last month 1000mods released their latest album Youth of Dissent. After a long month listening to it, it’s time to give it a prejudiced five star review.

Most of you know me by “that guy with the 1000mods cap”. Since I’ve been wearing it with pride for a couple years now. I don’t need to say it but it is one of my favorite bands.

So what can I say? It is actually a bit more of the same and most songs do not differ much from their previous albums. But that’s how I like it since they already have the winning strategy. These guys have the golden recipe of fast-paced-heavy-fuzzy-riffs and mind-blowing-neck-hernia-inducing-slow-bangers. Add a little bit of delay and wacky guitarsolo’s and kablam.

I hardly ever like vocals in music and 1000mods is not an exception. In my opinion, the vocals of 1000mods are not that interesting. I would love an instrumental album but that is just not their style. I try to listen past it. And even with the vocals it is still a masterpiece.

They experimented a bit with some other styles on this new album. But they have done it without losing their own vibe. But why care about an individual’s opinion if you can listen for yourself and be the judge? Listen to it below!

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