The Outskirts Of Reality

The Outskirts Of Reality – Yuri Gagarin

Some events in life can change you forever. We all have these moments we will never forget. Such as your first kiss, losing your virginity, or the day you traveled into the Center of All Infinity. But then, life goes on. And you will never be the same person you once were before…

Until last month…

After the far too amazing album “At The Center Of All Infinity”, these awesome Swedish guys of “Yuri Gagarin” follow up with a new journey to “The Outskirts of Reality”. Be prepared! This journey will alter your beliefs of existence. Buckle Up!

The first song is named QSO. From the moment you press play your spaceship starts accelerating into space and fast, like warp 9 hyperspeed. There is no rest for the wicked psychonaut when you travel with Yuri Gagarin spacelines. After a yourney of around 7 minutes the shuttle has landed and you can catch your breath again. But only to discover that you have not yet arrived at your final destination.

The album takes a rather sharp turn with their second song Oneironaut. This song eases you comfortably into a conscious dream with a very well-written and comfortable build-up to an ecliptic climax.

While dreaming, it seems that our spaceship has arrived at an unknown planet covered in Crystal Dunes. The chimes used in the song set a great atmosphere which is different from the other songs from the previous albums. Yet, the build-up and the never-ending guitar solo gives this song a true authentic Yuri Gagarin vibe.

After a psychedelic soundscape called Laboratory 1, we finally reached our final destination; The Outskirts Of Reality. The song drops in like a bomb and only accelerates. While the drums and bass-lines keep the spaceship going steadily, the sound-effects and guitar-solos are battling against the big inevitable black hole. And after a mythical battle of epic sounds and guitar-madness, our spaceship leaves our universe of reality and gets sucked into the big black void.

And just how it began, it ended. Abruptly and too soon. And you can’t really comprehend what happened, but a thing inside you has changed. And so we have to wait again until the next journey Yuri Gagarin invites us to. Or we just press play again!

Check out the madness below:

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