Stonerrock DnD

The COVID-19 measures are slowly being reversed. We have missed many great concerts and festivals but many new initiatives arose out of the ashes of the burned fenix. It shows what a great community the Nimma stoner-rock community actually is. Therefore a big shout-out and compliments towards everyone who never stopped dreaming and never stopped caring for our great music.

The podcasts and live-streams will of course never live up to the expectations of a real live festival but it has been great nonetheless. I hope that the real concerts are starting again soon so we can all grab a beer together and headbang until we catch a neck hernia.

Myself, I have been busy creating a stoner-rock inspired ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ campaign which I have been playing with a group of friends since. The campaign takes place in a world of madness tarnished by the evil Purple Hill Witch who kidnaps children and transform them into singer-songwriters. The heroes have to find the four elements of rock and play the brown note in order to defeat the evil witch. In order to obtain the elements of rock the characters have to defeat the dangerous Weedeater, Goatsnake and the fascist King Gizzard and his Wizard Lizard. They have to smoke from the Belzebong, go on a lot of acid trips and solve different puzzles. It’s all fun and games.

If more people are interested in playing the campaign do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than willing to share the whole story or play as your Dungeon Master!

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